highly specialized

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It was all highly specialized labor, each man having his task to do; generally this would consist of only two or three specific cuts, and he would pass down the line of fifteen or twenty carcasses, making these cuts upon each.
The contracting entity wishes to enter into a non-exclusive framework agreement on the purchase of highly specialized consultancy services within health data and innovation.
"It is a highly specialized machine because MEEK is mainly used for patients that suffer more than 30 percent total Body Surface Area burns.
The company performs these services through Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals, consisting primarily of highly specialized Certified Athletic Trainers, or ATCs.
WBB's highly specialized and experienced workforce provides services across the full lifecycle from program development to ongoing support and mission performance.
He and a team of highly specialized valuation and advisory professionals will form the nucleus of this new sub-service line.
In doing so, he stressed that massive studies should be done before embarking on the development of the island, provided that these studies are done by highly specialized entities.
"With e-commerce sales expected to more than double over the next four years, we anticipate increasing demand for highly specialized facilities," said Craig Meyer of JLL.
The new guidelines recommend integrating regional networks of comprehensive stroke centers (which offer 24/7, highly specialized treatment for all types of stroke); primary stroke centers (which provide 24/7 specialized care mainly for ischemic stroke); and acute stroke-ready hospitals (which can evaluate and treat most strokes but lack highly specialized capabilities), and community hospitals.
Sanitized is a highly specialized and focused company working jointly with globally operating distribution organisations such as Clariant International (Specialty Chemicals).
It is a highly specialized show which will be organized by Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH at Messe Essen, Germany and will prove to be highly successful in acting as a bridge between users and aluminum producers, processors and refiners as well as suppliers of technologies and accessories for aluminium production etc.
Chairman of the Saudi Company, Khalid Al-Taweel, stressed the important role played by the highly specialized companies in the field of e-government technology.

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