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In March 2019, Scholar Rock selected SRK-181, a highly specific inhibitor of TGFbeta1 activation, as the first product candidate in its TGFbeta1 cancer immunotherapy program based on the strength of preclinical data and human translational insights.
Fluorescent pigments are the special type of proteins that are able to fluoresce in a highly specific color when light of a particular wavelength is radiated on it.
and Scholar Rock Holding Corporation announced that the companies have entered into a strategic collaboration to discover and develop highly specific inhibitors of transforming growth factor beta (TGF?) activation for the treatment of fibrotic diseases.
Because of the high potency of CAR-T cells, their development into successful therapies hinges on the use of highly specific antibody molecules that can target T cells to the tumour while leaving other cells unaffected.
'The virus appears to be highly specific to the kidney, which means we can potentially exploit its surface protein to develop gene therapies for inherited childhood kidney disease,' Roediger said.
The GigaSort platform is a microfluidic-based cell sorting technology that allows the selection of highly specific and pure cell populations in a manufacturing environment.
Most of the essays address highly specific contexts and subjects.
"Indian speech etiquette features a complex system of kinship terms and terms of address, in which age, gender, status, and family relationships are marked by a highly specific vocabulary with no direct equivalents in English," said Danica Salazar, OED World English Editor.
If you are not aware of Facebook advertising, it allows you to serve highly specific adverts to highly specific groups of people, and it is claiming to have revolutionised politics as we know it.
Functional Leptin ELISA is based on immobilized soluble leptin receptor and a highly specific polyclonal antibody, allowing researchers to measure biologically active / receptor binding leptin only," Keefe continued.
The CIC congratulates University of Ottawa researchers and 2015 Polanyi Prize recipients Benoit Lessard of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Adam Shuhendler of the Department of Chemistry for their work on the new generation of bendable, smart, highly specific and tunable organic electronic sensors and the examination of therapy responses to common diseases using a personalized approach to the study of treatment.
Teesside University offers a broad range of training and development opportunities, from leadership and management to highly specific technical and professional skills, to help businesses develop skills and knowledge in their staff.

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