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Pulling the strings: Festival organisers John Les and Gill Williams of guitar duo Highly Strung
Highly Strung (Je te mangerais) (UK Premiere) Chapter Arts Centre - Octobe 10 at 2pm Director: Sophie Laloy When Marie is accepted at a prestigious music school she gets more than she bargained for when she moves in with her mysterious childhood friend Emma.
She plays the role of GP registrar in training, Dr Melody Bell, a scatty, highly strung, young doctor.
The event kicks-off tonight with an official opening by the Conwy mayor, followed by first band Highly Strung.
The actress comes to the aid of a couple who spend all their time arguing, while a highly strung drag queen receives bad news.
He said: ``Police horses are generally a lot more open to this kind of gentle therapy than competition horses, who are highly strung.
The latter was a highly strung sort but Yesterday is a much more amenable filly and she has been favourite since her Irish 1,000 win, and justifiably so.
Their aggressive and highly strung account of the Beethoven's first movement drama, compacted into a few minutes, seemed to produce some tuning distortions that were electrifyingly appropriate, and the re-working of Bach's style in the second movement sounded luminous and just as distracting as Beethoven intended.
Sure, you get a little more of singer Hadley for your ticket money these days but his powerhouse voice was flawless on taxing songs such as Highly Strung, Through The Barricades and brilliant encore Gold.
He may have got a kick from a faller early on, but it was already worrying that he looked highly strung beforehand.
The daughter of Kheleyf is evidently quite highly strung but she moved kindly for Liam Jones and came home three and three quarter lengths clear.
After initially preventing an international political crisis by tracking down a stolen letter, the brilliant, but highly strung Holmes crashes into a deep depression before being called upon for one last hurrah.

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