highly thought of

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It was not highly thought of by those who wished me well.
Marner was highly thought of in that little hidden world, known to itself as the church assembling in Lantern Yard; he was believed to be a young man of exemplary life and ardent faith; and a peculiar interest had been centred in him ever since he had fallen, at a prayer-meeting, into a mysterious rigidity and suspension of consciousness, which, lasting for an hour or more, had been mistaken for death.
He has moved back to London and although still highly thought of at Stamford Bridge, Luis Enrique is hot favourite to get the Blues job this summer, while Arsenal are believed to favour a younger coach when Arsene Wenger goes.
Everybody loves her; she is very highly thought of and is well respected by all the staff at Dunbeth and everyone she meets.
He was very undemanding, very highly thought of and much loved.
Vendor Steve Sheehan has a consignment of eight that includes Ballymac Olord and Ballymac Cooba, a highly thought of April '16 duo from Liam Dowling's Co Kerry Kennels.
Ridy is highly thought of by (Huddersfield Giants head coach) Rick Stone and whilst he would much rather be at Leigh, he is enjoying his time with Huddersfield and has fitted in nicely.
He's a wonderful boy, captain of England under-18s, highly thought of and he's on a great journey.
I am however, delighted to welcome on board another former team-mate of mine, Paul Trollope, who is a young and highly thought of coach.
Rebecca Mercer said: "Dawson was a wonderful guy and was so highly thought of.
Mr Patel is highly thought of in Coulby Newham both professionally and as a very thoughtful and caring man.
He was highly thought of by workers but in turn he thought highly of them.

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