highly wrought

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She was as destitute of clothes as the green Martians who accompanied her; indeed, save for her highly wrought ornaments she was entirely naked, nor could any apparel have enhanced the beauty of her perfect and symmetrical figure.
There were human beings enough, and enough of highly wrought and symphonious feeling to produce that more impressive sound than the organ tones of the blast, or the thunder, or the roar of the sea; even that mighty swell of many voices, blended into one great voice by the universal impulse which makes likewise one vast heart out of the many.
The highly wrought and cumbrous saddle was evidently more for show than use.
Miss Rachel was in high good spirits, just in that humour for talking nonsense, and perversely persisting in it as if it was sense, which you may sometimes have observed in young girls, when they are highly wrought up, at the end of an exciting day.
The difference in price is a reflection of the fact that while for Schiele, drawing was in many ways a central facet of his creativity resulting in many highly wrought works on paper, Klimt used drawing more usually as a means of thinking through compositional ideas.
Taking traditional skepticism of historiography and lending to it a "distinctly affective turn" (27), The Recess challenges the belief in historical recovery "through highly wrought images that are at once excessive to history writing and that stand as elaborate innovations of novel form" (46).
The first thing that strikes you is that the customary baroque, highly wrought poetic style that is the Frame trademark has been dropped for a spare more direct mode.
She argues that whereas the culture saw women as objects of physical pleasure or passionless ciphers, highly wrought style fashioned a forceful feminine spirit that was experienced physically and could reshape how the gendered body was experienced.
Margaret Fuller's use of olfactory imagery in her travel memoir Summer on the Likes--including phrases like a "fire of cinnamon"--serves here as a representative example of highly wrought style.
It is obviously one of Dworzynski''s party pieces, notable for its fine, unrushed phrasing and highly wrought colouring to match the artwork of Mussorksy''s friend, the architect Victor Hartmann.
Many of these narratives of dispossession are as highly wrought as fictional works.
Their highly wrought speeches sparkle with witticisms, but they play them like genuine quick-fire dialogue, not a list of quotations.

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