highly wrought

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The highly wrought and cumbrous saddle was evidently more for show than use.
Miss Rachel was in high good spirits, just in that humour for talking nonsense, and perversely persisting in it as if it was sense, which you may sometimes have observed in young girls, when they are highly wrought up, at the end of an exciting day.
Margaret Fuller's use of olfactory imagery in her travel memoir Summer on the Likes--including phrases like a "fire of cinnamon"--serves here as a representative example of highly wrought style.
It is obviously one of Dworzynski''s party pieces, notable for its fine, unrushed phrasing and highly wrought colouring to match the artwork of Mussorksy''s friend, the architect Victor Hartmann.
Many of these narratives of dispossession are as highly wrought as fictional works.
Sandy's hallmarks of sumptuous diction, vivid detail, and highly wrought lines serve to move us toward a fresh appreciation of the intricacies of human relationships.
Dogged by a morbid sense of isolation, despite job and family, he tried to escape this, in life, through manic activity of various kinds -- and, in the work, by embodying the rupture between subject and object, perceiver and perceived, text and context, in highly wrought formal structures.
Maddeningly allusive and frequently small in scope, his earliest works, from First Poems (1951) and The Country of a Thousand Years of Peace (1959), are highly wrought and rarefied gems catering to those with the training and inclination to decipher them.
One hardly knows what to call this disjunctive and intertextual piece of writing: for the most part laid out like a prose poem, it is nevertheless as highly wrought in its assonance, inner rhyme and even scansion as the most formal poetry.
JAMES MacMILLAN Epiclesis/Ninian (Bis): It is some while since I have heard James MacMillan's work, so this new release has provided the perfect opportunity to catch up with his invariably dramatic and highly wrought compositional style.
What Berberova conveys about Vera is suggested by moments of illumination, which also may indicate a talent for highly wrought self-deception.

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