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HIGH. This word has various significations: 1. Principal or chief, as high constable, high sheriff. 2. Prominent, in a bad sense, as high treason. 3. Open, not confined, as high seas.

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Like Gun, they're a big dose of showboating, guitar-based fun but without the highly-strung rock pretensions.
He was a highly-strung individual, who was subject to bouts of depression, timidity and anguish, brought on by the sinfulness of the people, to whom he was called to minister.
They could even overhaul pre-season talking horses Birmingham to claim 16th if they give highly-strung King Kev's lads a right tonking.
The highly-strung singer threw a number of flags and other objects back into the crowd after complaining he could trip and hurt himself on stage.
Perhaps it is time the Government, Assembly and councils stepped in to set some limited restrictions on what is classified as a family canine and what is just suitable for a more specialised environment (security, police or armed forces), and introduce monitoring when families or youths take up ownership of highly-strung boisterous animals.
A dark tale of butchery in every sense, it opens in London's Smithfield Market where the highly-strung Jess is trying to catch up with the man she believes to be the love of her life.
Away from films he was one of the gentlest men, sensitive, and highly-strung.
Class-conscious Edith Black lives at No 29 with her stream of artistic lodgers including the handsome actor Fintan Fanning; highly-strung Clare McDonald is at No 25; the eco-friendly vegetarian Saffron McNamara lives at No 21; and Sally O'Neill is housekeeper, confidante and friend for all three.
A ruthless, charming, ambitious, paranoid, driven, cruel, calculating, political-minded, insecure, witty and devious man, the Sheriff of Nottingham is an intelligent, highly-strung strategist.
Highly-strung mum Adelle Tullian (Maria Bello) travels from New York with her teenage daughter Sarah (Sophie Stuckey) to stay with her husband, James (Sean Bean) in a remote Welsh farm near the sea.
The mother seeks employment as a housekeeper and is duly hired by highly-strung obsessive Deborah Clasky (Tea Leoni) and her husband John (Adam Sandler).
He was able to make the most of that at Kelso last time and this highly-strung chaser was pushed out to land his first victory for more than two years.