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Out of the 186 passengers and crew on board, 19 have been arrested in connection with the hijack, while 74 want to stay in the UK.
Speaking to FNA on attempts to hijack the Iranian planes in recent years, Deputy Chief Liaison Officer of Flight Guards Corps Ya'qoub Baqeri spoke of the terrorist ISIL group's failed plots in this regard.
The 27-year old plumber's mid-air antics were initially reported as "hijack" which caused massive panic amidst the flight as the hijack drama unfolds.
On June 29, six people attempted to hijack Tianjin Airlines' flight GS7554 after it took off from Hotan Airport and was 1,400 km away from its destination, the regional capital city of Urumqi.
All 107 passengers and six crew on the Boeing 737 were unharmed in the hijack which ended with the man's arrest at Brindisi Airport in southern Italy.
Cheshire Police have appealed for members of the public to contact them with any information about the hijack.
Ali and Mohammed Safi, who led the hijack, were jailed for five years and are still in prison.
A SAUDI passenger wielding a gun tried to hijack a Saudi Arabian Airlines jet today, but security forces on board arrested him.
A MAN accused of planning to hijack a London-bound airliner last month was released from custody in Sweden today.
Security has been tightened at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu after an anonymous letter warned of a plot to hijack a plane departing the airport for an attack on targets in neighboring India, airport security officials said Friday.
THE hijack is the latest in a series of similar outrages:
African Business Aviation Correspondent, Paul Michaud discloses that a second hijack had been on the same day as the Air France hijack of last December.