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EDT - EgyptAir confirmed that its flight MS181 has been hijacked and published a series of tweets in the local language describing the situation.
Reuters reported last week that an Iranian bulk carrier of Brazilian sugar was hijacked in the eastern Indian Ocean with 23 crew on board, but Sayyari did not make clear what the vessel he was referring to was carrying.
A number of vehicles were also hijacked in nearby Carrickfergus and Newtonabbey.
It was traveling empty to bring scrap from India as part of a EU Navfor-guarded convoy when it was hijacked on May 11.
Pirates also hijacked the Singaporean-flagged chemical tanker Pramoni, with a crew of 24, on the same day in the Gulf of Aden.
Meanwhile, a security official in Yemen said that Somali pirates who hijacked the Yemeni freighter Adina in the Arabian Sea last week were asking for a EUR2million ransom to release the ship.
After 20 minutes the pilot called Nyala airport to say the plane had been hijacked.
Turkish officials have said that earlier statements that Ekinci hijacked the aircraft to protest against the Pope's planned visit to Turkey were incorrect, according to The Associated Press.
Security has been stepped up at a number of major Indian airports after warnings that a flight to or from Nepal could be hijacked, a security official said on Wednesday.
Police believe their lorry was hijacked outside Cheshire and driven to Warrington by a gang.
When a flight controller in Boston overhears frantic chatter coming from the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11, he believes the plane has been hijacked.
More importantly, don't store credit card numbers or any other information on your phone that, if hijacked, would be devastating to you.