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Speaking with, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that the hijacker had the pilot at gunpoint when the plane landed.
The hijacker had earlier freed most of the passengers but kept on board seven people -- four crew members and three passengers.
Footage posted on the offi-cial Facebook page of Egypt's Ministry of Interior appears to show the hijacker passing through security before boarding the flight.
A hijacker, identified as Seif Eddin Mostafa, purported to be wearing an explosive belt, forcing pilot Amr Al-Gamal to reroute to Laranca instead of the original destination of Cairo.
"The authorities would question hijacker to ascertain his true motives," Fathy added.
Sudan has demanded that Libya extradite the hijackers.
For that purpose, the hijackers targeted young Japanese men and women.
The hijacker of the aircraft has been named as Turkish national Hakan Ekinci.
"After the incident was over he (the hijacker) said: "I apologize to all of you.
"Clearly we are looking into the pool of people who crossed paths with the hijackers." Only later did that someone become Moussaoui.
But then, amid sounds of a struggle, a hijacker asks, "There is something, a fight?" The response is, "Yeah."
Groans are then heard in the cockpit before a hijacker says: "Everything is fine.