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Similarly, the price of the non-subsidized cylinder also has been hiked by Rs.
Nair said, " We have recently hiked our lending rate.
However, because vandals had torn down the trail signs, I hiked down the wrong trail.
Airlines had hiked fuel surcharge up by ` 200 per ticket after state- run oil firms hiked jet fuel prices by almost two per cent.
They all recognize that they've hiked the Alps, and they don't think the canyon is going to be much of a challenge.
For hours we had hiked up the East Fork of the Quinault River, feeling the strain of our backpacks as we stepped up the flanks of Mount La Crosse.
SBI's hikes are comparatively lower than the rate hikes effected by several other banks, taking cue from the Reserve Bank of India ( RBI) which hiked the policy rates -- repo ( at which it lends to banks) rate by 0.
The more I hiked the better I felt,'' Gilmore said.
lb, while ABS, SAN, and ASA prices were hiked 8[cts.
Despite hike in policy rates three times during 2010, and pressures mounting for rate hikes, banks have not hiked lending rates due to the sluggish credit scenario.
The group hiked at Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, the tallest sand dunes in California, and explored trails around Cachuma Lake.