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"The recent run at the Savoy in theWest End and current tour of the UK makes it an exciting piece of musical theatre, which mixes poignant moments, hilarious comedy and great musical theatre.
Enjoy some hilarious patter from BigTereeza too as she gives her thoughts on everyone and anyone.
Add to that a troupe of amateur actors hired to play at the fesival and you have the perfect recipe for an evening of hilarious family entertainment.
Swahili subtitles on Netflix are hilarious! Your highness-urefu wako.
The annual Met Gala always brings about the craziest looks as celebrities and designers strive to up the ante with over-the-top creations that are sometimes downright hilarious.
We thought we'd shine the spotlight on a few hilarious accounts.
Loud, pushy and hilarious, Norbert gives Alan a new and hilarious way to solve his problems!
Some found it rude and provocative, while others just thought it was hilarious as Princess Diana was popular for her playful nature.
LAHORE -- The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the International Cricket Council (ICC) had a hilarious exchange on social media over the 'biscuit' trophy that left cricket fanatics in fits of laughter.
TRAILER PARK BOYS GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL 16.09 IT MIGHT just be the most gross-out hilarious comedy show ever to hit Glasgow - and the punters loved every filthy minute of it.
by Gautam ViswanathanMr Bean's absurd and hilarious antics are sure to have your sides aching with laughter.