hinder movement

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While the broken wedge may impede movement it usually will be trapped in the slide rails and not completely stop the slide, only hinder movement.
Standing in the blind spot behind an animal's rear will hinder movement, often causing the animal to turn and face you instead of moving where you want it to go.
About 6,500 law enforcement personnel had been deployed to Seoul, setting up barricades with buses across the city to hinder movement.
There remains a strong need for improvements at the two BART stations within the City where the Greenway currently becomes narrower and has an irregular alignment as compared to other recently improved sections, and higher pedestrian and bicycle volumes and increased auto and bus traffic contribute to user and safety conflicts, hinder movement, and disrupt the continuity of the path etc.
It's really not enough to just stay warm if the clothes you're wearing hinder movement and get in the way when you finally have the chance to draw your bow.
Several human rights reports have reveled that Israels roadblocks continue to hinder movement and normal life for Palestinians.
PNN Israeli forces arrested numerous Palestinian citizens, raided houses throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem, confiscated citizens' belongings, and stationed forces at newly erected military checkpoints in order to hinder movement.
Considering this, the Delhi government has opposed the construction of a proposed war memorial near the India Gate as it will hinder movement of Delhiites and tourists around it.
The scars are not only cosmetic deformities, which are potentially psychologically stressful, but may also cause pruritis, pain, contractures and hinder movement.
Tapered sleeves and panel construction won't hinder movement.
The troops were followed by Royal Engineers and explosive teams who spent the last two days building checkpoints - soon to be permanently occupied by the Afghan National Police - on the main routes in and out of the area to hinder movement by insurgents.
The ceasefire announcements by TTP-Swat, its decisions to remove TTP check posts, its decision to not hinder movement of army personnel and other government officials are also a positive yield of the direct and indirect dialogue approach.