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It is pertinent to mention here that when the couple Captain (Rtd.) Safdar and spouse Maryam Nawaz arrived at Islamabad airport from London, PML(N) workers hindered the arrest of Captain (Rtd) Safdar and damaged the NAB vehicles.
Being able to get to their local high street for essential shopping, picking up prescriptions or going for a coffee with friends should not be hindered by the cost of parking."
"Any other government would not lead to the desired goal." He noted that the discussion of the ministerial statement before the formation of the government hindered the entire process.
26 (Petra) - The Israeli celebrations of the Jewish "Day of Atonement" and the strict procedures of the Israeli occupation forces have hindered the movement of Palestinian citizens in the occupied city of Jerusalem.
But their quest is hindered by Soviet agents, who also want the fabled object for an altogether more sinister purpose.
PNN On Friday, 3rd August, Israeli occupation intensified its procedures at the checkpoints that were placed at the entrances of the occupied Jerusalem and hindered the arrival of thousands of worshipers from the West Bank to al-Aqsa mosque to pray in the third Friday of the holy Ramadan.
Finally, the alliance with university students will likely be hindered by elements that create a lack of confidence in the counselor thereby resulting in reserved client engagement.
Spectroscopic techniques and hindered molecular motion.
Farmer Tegwyn Jones, who is about to open his second hydro-electric scheme 10 years after the first, said that red tape had "greatly hindered" him.
And of those, just four said they believed (believed, notice) that their accent hindered, at some time in their lives, their job prospects.
Global Banking News-June 14, 2011--Federal auditor says Bank of America hindered federal investigation(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
Products 10407 and 10478 contain hindered amine light stabilizers and offer equivalent protection at lower concentrations than traditional absorbers such as benzophenones and nickel-based products.