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But their quest is hindered by Soviet agents, who also want the fabled object for an altogether more sinister purpose.
Finally, the alliance with university students will likely be hindered by elements that create a lack of confidence in the counselor thereby resulting in reserved client engagement.
Spectroscopic techniques and hindered molecular motion.
Products 10407 and 10478 contain hindered amine light stabilizers and offer equivalent protection at lower concentrations than traditional absorbers such as benzophenones and nickel-based products.
has been granted a patent for a multilayer coating in which a plurality of photocurable resin cured films are layered, wherein at least two adjacent layers comprise the same hindered phenol antioxidant in different amounts, and wherein the antioxidant has at least one hindered phenol group, the hindered phenol group containing none or only one sterically hindered alkyl group selected from the group consisting of an i-propyl group, an i-butyl group, and a tert-butyl group and wherein the adjacent layers comprise urethane meth(acrylate), wherein the multilayer coating further is comprised of an amine compound; wherein the amine compound is present in the multilayer coating to prevent the generation of hydrogen gas.
For the private sector to create wealth and jobs it needs to be given space and freedom to do it and not be hindered by red tape.
Analysis of the interviews using Critical Incident Technique identified 301 incidents of which 131 facilitated and 170 hindered sexual self-esteem.
Thanks to the recent website ban, her ability to do business in Bahrain has been greatly hindered.
Two other dolls entered the scene: a triangular one, which helped the climber by pushing it up the slope, and a square one, which hindered the climber by pushing it down again.
Songwon polymer stabilizers for the rubber, plastics and polymer industries are highlighted in the company's 32-page, four-color catalog, including Songnox antioxidants (phenolic antioxidants, phosphite antioxidants and antioxidant blends), Songlight hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) and Songsorb UV absorbers.
A sterically hindered amine antioxidant shows good epoxy compatibility and does not affect shelf life.
JON BON JOVI reckons his handsome looks have often hindered his career