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According to Moira Hinderer, these relationships "train white children to understand their responsibility as benevolent superiors in a racial hierarchy" (47).
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Compassion fatigue involves desensitization toward patients and subsequent loss of a nurse's ability to nurture or care adequately for patients (Hinderer et al., 2014).
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Related contemporary trends in IPE are simulation and e-learning (Cooper, Spencer-Dawe, & Mclean, 2005; Hinderer & Joyner, 2014; Kowitlawakul, 2014; Weinstein, 2010) and workshops or collaborative, problem-based modules (Cusack & O'Donoghue, 2012; Eccott, 2012; Lumague et al., 2006; Meffe, Claire Moravac, & Espin, 2012; O'Carroll, Baird, & Jackson, 2012).
Others in the window include missionaries Anne Cecile (1862-1905), Louise Stewart (1852-1895) and Anna Hinderer (1827-1870).
Mann: The people of Oyo have accepted the Faith, and Ibadan, the Reverend Hinderer is doing very well, not to mention the Revered Townsend in Abeokuta, and other--