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According to a European Commission (EC) press release, the EC has opened formal proceedings to investigate whether Gazprom might be hindering competition in Central and Eastern European gas markets, in breach of EU anti-trust rules.
Therefore, there is a pressing need to explore interfering factors and hindering experiences, using the framework of client-as-expert (Henkelman & Paulson, 2006) with the university student population.
The goal of the present study, therefore, was to identify and characterize such facilitating and hindering factors.
Summary: Weak investor confidence and stringent lending criteria are hindering the local property marketC*
Summary: Energy and Mines Minister Chakib Khelil has warned Saturday against European energy policies which are hindering gas industry development.
Those concerned are persons or entities acting in violation of the arms embargo, political or military leaders of foreign armed groups operating in DRC who hinder disarmament or recruit children, persons hindering access to humanitarian aid, and persons or entities who, through natural resources trafficking, support illegal armed groups operating in eastern DRC.
Julia Aker Dueny, the acting minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development, emphasized that GOSS employees will be screened for fake education certificates, with attention to the unprecedented promotion of junior officials to super scale now hindering quick progressive development of South Sudan that has emerged from 21 years of destructive civil war with northern Sudan.
"It is by now quite clear that the opposition is hindering all attempts to elect a new head of state," a statement issued following the group's weekly meeting said.
FPB chief executive Nick Gould-ing said: "A significant number of our members already think that red tape relating to employment is hindering their expansion.
The Sydney-based Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation urged Asian governments to speed liberalization of bilateral restrictions hindering air transport in the region.
The report said: "By trying to force through traumatic and counter-productive amalgamations in the teeth of public and professional opinion, the government is wasting political capital and hindering the fight against crime."
The report said: 'By trying to force through traumatic and counter-productive amalgamations the Government is hindering the fight against crime.'