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The Riyadh region accounted for 40 percent of hindrance cases Kingdom-wide, with 51 cases, followed by Makkah with eight cases, the Eastern Province with seven cases, Tabuk two cases and Madinah, Qasim, Asir, and Najran one case each, the paper said.
For a large conventional mirror, shaping and grinding take years, and the time and expense of this step posed another hindrance to planning mirrors bigger than 5 meters.
I assure the Mayor and our countrymen that I will not be a hindrance to the reform initiatives he intends to push in our government.
NNA - 19/1/2012 - Deputy Khaled Daher confirmed Thursday that the hindrances derailing the reopening of the Qlaiaat airport serves foreign agendas.
A total of 78% said that transport links are a hindrance to Wales.
Although the John Long-trained sixyear-old runs from out of the handicap, such is the lack of quality in the race, it may not prove too much of a hindrance.
Byline: Disability has not been a hindrance for a 61-year-old Emirati who has just received his doctorate degree.
The Portuguese police and Press have been more of a hindrance than help and should hang their heads in shame.
They worked with the community and were not a hindrance and they did not treat the family like they were a hindrance.
BETH Chatto's latest book, Woodland Garden (Cassell Illustrated, pounds 16.99), is a must for anyone with a shady garden and for those who feel that too much shade and woodland influence are a hindrance to their gardening.
children are regarded as a possible advantage or a possible hindrance to personal fulfillment.