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We have already hinted that it is not our purpose to trace down the history of the Pyncheon family, in its unbroken connection with the House of the Seven Gables; nor to show, as in a magic picture, how the rustiness and infirmity of age gathered over the venerable house itself.
Still, they were peasant people, and they hung on to their money by instinct; it was quite in vain that the agent hinted at promptness-- they would see, they would see, they told him, they could not decide until they had had more time.
He was not in a pleasant humor; and every time I hinted that perhaps this contract was a shade too hefty for a novice he unlimbered his tongue and cursed like a bishop -- French bishop of the Regency days, I mean.
Then he hinted that perhaps there was no great danger of my venturing to speak to her.
Taylor did say this morning, that one day Miss Walker hinted to her, that she believed Mr.
I was: I know that; and you hinted a while ago at something which had happened in my absence:- nothing, probably, of consequence; but, in short, it has disturbed you.