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Abgesehen von den Schwierigkeiten und Unsicherheiten, okonomische Abhangigkeitsbeziehungen hinter vor--oder fruhgeschichtlichen WeltsystemModellen archaologisch nachzuweisen (siehe Kummel 2001, 74 ff., 95 ff.), so wird auch fur den konkreten Fall der postulierten Ostseeverbindungen der Bronzezeit zwischen Nordischem Zentrum und ostbaltischer Peripherie sehr viel als erwiesen vorausgesetzt.
If binding is reduced to movement alone, it is hard to see why, for example, English [Max.sub.1] glanced behind [himself.sub.1]/[him.sub.1] translates into German [Max.sub.1] schaut hinter [sich.sub.1]/??sich [selbst.sub.1]/[sup.*][ihn.sub.1] and Italian [Max.sub.1] ha dato un'occhiata dietro di [se.sub.1]/[sup.*]dietro se [stesso.sub.1]/?dietro di [lui.sub.1]--that is, why languages differ so much with respect to the realization form of their bound element.
Most of those who survived retreated into the hinter land to escape the unseen pestilence holding out in the remote fastness of the northern highlands and the humid forests of the Caribbean coastal slope.
Reps: Cole, Steyn, Greenbury, List, Carson, Hinter, Smith.
For the more proactive Helzberg customer (usually female) who wants to drop some serious hints for that special someone, she can visit the Web site, select specific items, then click on "send an e-hint." Helzberg will e-mail the significant other the hinter's personal message with a picture of the jewelry selected.
More often than not, Hinter combines services that function almost like partnerships, because we are not only assisting with the current facilities design and development, but also helping with basic business operations and future projectons.
For more information about FLO, please contact: Fair Trade Labelling Organizations (FLO), Hinter der Burg 27, 73614 Schondorf, Germany.
As is well known, this vintner's son turned humanist is generally credited with having founded a number of humanist "sodalitates," including an umbrella organization called "sodalitas Celtica," which the German scholar Raimund Kemper once maliciously and quite wrongly called "Reichsschrifttumskammer." Without diminishing the importance of Celtis, both Heinz Entner ("Was steckt hinter dem Wort 'sodalitas litteraria'") and Harald Dickerhof ("Der Deutsche Erzhumanist Conrad Celtis und seine Sodalen") deconstruct the myths and legends that have surrounded Celtis' activities.
"People are so interested in cups, and the convenience of cups," agreed Joe Leonard, vice president of sales and marketing, The Spice Hinter Inc.
The thought behind this book clearly developed out of Kord's seminal work on German women dramatists from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen (Stuttgart, 1992).
Reinhard Feldmeier goes back to pre-rabbinic, hellenistic Judaism in his essay on the Letter of Aristeas, 'Weise hinter "eisernen Mauern".
Hinter dem Begriff "Nachhaltige Entwicklung" verbergen sich vielfache Zielkonflikte, nicht nur zwischen Okologie und Okonomie.