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A sizable portion of these incomes was derived from new financing to SME dealers in Cambodia that supply products such as motorcycles, farm machineries, solar panels and electrical appliances to GL's hire-purchase clients.
3m) of Malaysian hire-purchase and leasing company Pac Lease Sdn Bhd.
The scheme will include zero percent APR hire-purchase on a two-year hire purchase contract, three year hire purchase with APR's from 4.
Licensed to offer the full range of Shariah-compliant universal banking services, including Islamic hire-purchase and Shariah-compliant corporate finance activities.
WITH hire-purchase debt spiralling and used values crumbling, dodgy car owners are using insurance fraud to make a few quid.
Anne, 48, stuck to her side of the hire-purchase bargain and paid more than half of the pounds 4475 due, meaning she could hand the car back.