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Warren G's hit "Regulate - the G-Funk Era" captures this situation in a complex metaphor: an old byword for a hired gun, "regulator" is also used here to describe the MC who controls the word flow on the mic.
In "Hired Guns," writer Buster Olney examines the role of the temp player, the hired gun brought to team with three months left in the season, a short term solution to shift the balance of power in baseball.
He's magnificently mean and moody here as The Stranger, a hired gun who protects a small town from violent hoodlums.
His tactical knowledge was second to none, he became a hired gun in the corner of no less than 43 world champions.
Usually, the reviewing physician is considered, quite accurately, a hired gun whose job is to place obstacles in the path of carefully thought-out clinical management plans, with no concern for what is best for the patient.
I have instructed our lawyers to begin a referendum action to recall this absurd ordinance, which was drafted by a hired gun from Tennessee named Scott Bergthold who has made it his business to take away freedoms of expression and choice for consenting adults.
Set just after the first PS2 game, it casts you as a hired gun weaving in and out of the main Helghast conflict timeline.
So if the mob wants to get rid of someone they send them back 30 years, where a "looper" - a hired gun - waits.
The Ocean's 11 star plays Jack, a hired gun who heads to a small Italian village after an attempt on his life.
Rourke plays real life hired gun Richard Kuklinski in the film, based on Philip Carlo's 2006 book The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer.
See those differences through the eyes of a hired gun in "Pushing the Envelope: The Story of a Hired Gun in Iraq" (published by AuthorHouse -- http://www.
If not, you're part of a fast-shrinking minority without a hired gun in Washington, D.