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42) David Tanovich suggests that in Canada, the hired gun model has been borrowed from the American context because of a general lack of Canadian research and reflection on ethics.
A suspected hired gun who was implicated in the April 18 murder of former Pandi town Vice Mayor Roberto Rivera was arrested last Wednesday in San Ildefonso town.
For hired gun Brad Thornton, this spells the end of an era.
Thankfully for Lenny he has his hired gun Erin, the lawyer who would happily cut a deal with the devil if she could get a pound out of it.
He's magnificently mean and moody here as The Stranger, a hired gun who protects a small town from violent hoodlums.
His tactical knowledge was second to none, he became a hired gun in the corner of no less than 43 world champions.
Meanwhile Darko (Karel Roden), who represents Anna''s father, heads into the mountains with hired gun Andy (Eamonn Walker) and a suitcase containing the ransom money that should ensure the girl''s safe return.
It also emerged today that Shane had started up an internet blog with the online nickname of 'Baby Gatman' (young hired gun or hitman) in which he spoke of his love of rap, hip hop music and football.
79sec, five spot quicker than the David Pruhs-trained Hired Gun in the opening heat over the 305-metre course.
Tom is delighted to hear his rock heroes Hired Gun are reuniting to play at the Midsomer Rocks festival.