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According to the sources the majority of those hired hands are "illiterate".
But when hired hands behave badly -- or break the law -- they cast a cloud over the American presence.
But bosses at West Midlands Police have been employing an army of hired hands to patrol the buildings, man receptions and carry out maintenance tasks.
She also asks what measures the department will put in place to ensure that the gear, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is not misused by hired hands.
The incident is expected to raise concern among many senior citizens, particularly those who have returned to the state, and are living their retired lives under the care of hired hands, without any of the immediate family members living with them.
Yes, George, I agree with your comment, "for the clergy to even hint that one might receive sickness from the chalice of Christ's Holy Body and Blood, consecrated by Him, is nothing short of leaving His sheep" in the care of hired hands.
The line is clearly forming behind an organizational structure that would undoubtedly benefit the hired hands and the vendors, but whether it would really produce more scholarship money for Arkansas students is less clear.
She'll also have a two day spa experience, a photo shoot and be taken on by Hired Hands Model Agency.
Turkey's Modernization is a fascinating parable of how Turkey capitalized upon the best and the brightest--as well as of its stumbling blocks, such as its cultural predispositions for encouraging talented scientists to be content as hired hands rather than strike out and forge new businesses.
Failure to do so will result in a visit by hired hands who use real ammunition'.
Likely hired hands out with the flocks, these are folks close to the bottom of the social ladder.
Real Gone,'' the accidentally accessible, raucous sequel to `02's painfully conceptual ``Alice'' and ``Blood Money,'' mashes together the '80s Waits everyone loves with current obsessions like human beatbox voice percussion, turntables and an imaginative cast of hired hands (guitarist Marc Ribot as MVP) swerving through the muck like they've never heard of drivers ed.