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The brilliantly-lighted apartments were thronged with figures that seemed to have stepped from the dark canvas of historic portraits, or to have flitted forth from the magic pages of romance, or at least to have flown hither from one of the London theatres, without a change of garments.
When the truth-telling accents of the elderly gentleman were hushed, I drew a long breath and looked round the room, striving, with the best energy of my imagination, to throw a tinge of romance and historic grandeur over the realities of the scene.
The church is undeniably historic, but so are lots of others.
Will Fellows, the author of A Passion to Preserve, a book about gays and the preservation movement, states that "gay men are extraordinarily drawn to historic preservation.
Two cities recently paid homage to their pasts and their futures by dedicating groves of life-giving trees with historic connections.
The West End Historic District in downtown transformed a multi-block area of turn-of-the-century storefronts and warehouses into more than 100 popular shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.
Preservation of historic buildings is important," Lynn told the Senate Subcommittee on National Parks, "but preservation of the constitutional right to religious liberty is vital.
Bam provided a veritable encyclopaedia of such historic structural elements: varieties of sun-dried mud brick squinches and vaults, many with the inclined arched technique recently used by Hassan Fathy.
More states are permitting local governments to offer property tax incentives as an inducement to businesses to restore historic properties or move to or expand within their boundaries.
Department of the Interior, has released a report, Federal Tax Incentives for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, that summarizes the positive effects of the historic preservation program started 25 years ago.
Next month in Philadelphia, members will debate the first major revisions to NLC's historic preservation policy in years.

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