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We're proud to be aligned with such an esteemed organization as the National Trust for Historic Preservation," commented John Ueberroth, Chairman & CEO of Preferred Hotel Group, a multi-brand corporation that delivers comprehensive sales, marketing, and distribution services to independent hotels and resorts worldwide.
Table 16: US Historic Review for Fire Extinguishers Market
The company is launching "The Reckson Challenge" and will match up to $70,000 raised by HHV to pay for restoration work on the Manor House at Philipsburg, one of six historic sites in HHV's network.
The collection of early 20th century bungalows is poised to become the first historic district in the San Fernando Valley.
Some states administer programs that provide tax credits to assist developers with the cost of rehabilitating historic properties.
In contrast to the metropolitan area, many of the historic district are ruinous and given over to virtual slums.
Protecting historic sites across America is really at the very heart of the mission of the Department of the Interior and its National Park Service," Dan DuBray, a department spokesman, told the Associated Press.
The mechanical mascot of the city, the historic Belle of Louisville is one of the last authentic sternwheelers in the country.
When I arrived in Bam, I discovered my paper exactly described the specific structural technique used in its historic walls and buildings--a different method of construction to that used in the modern areas of the town where there was the greatest loss of life.
Many businesses are choosing to relocate or expand into renovated, historic buildings.
Department of the Interior, has released a report, Federal Tax Incentives for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, that summarizes the positive effects of the historic preservation program started 25 years ago.

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