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The results of these tests showed the greatest increase in mean rank was in the inpatient rehabilitation setting, with a FWPE/OTS increase of 3.35 (historical control group = 38.22, simulation group = 41.57, p = 0.516).
The patients in the present study were compared (chi-squared test and t test) with two historical control groups of patients with traumatic hyphema who had previously been treated; one group with oral placebo and the other one with oral tranexamic acid at our department.
A historical control group of ten teachers and 192 students was used from the 2006-2007 school year.
Antonaglia and colleagues (2006) argue (with tenuous support of an historical control group using face-mask NIV) that the helmet is a more effective interface than face-mask for NIV in COPD.
Using the same research design (a retrospective cohort study with a historical control group), I observed that NSV is associated with fewer hematomas and infections than a standard bilateral incision approach.

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