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"Let's assume that they had historical records and they were keeping historical records of astronomical events and they were consulting them in the future -- exactly what the Greeks did and the Egyptians and everybody else.
Mocavo users will be able to upload historical records such as photos, books and documents to their accounts via a web browser, Mocavo's new smartphone apps, by e-mail or through the Dropbox service.
This historical range polygon encompassed all but two historical records, which were classified as outliers.
What could illustrators bring to coverage of the Great War that photographers could not, especially if their mandate was the same--to make a visual historical record? There's the hint of an answer in artist Harvey Thomas Dunn's observation about one subject proposed for a picture: "The idea of the two old soldiers talking together is good, but is not successful because they have no foil....
Although collecting oral histories with students is an intensive, high-stakes endeavor, these projects are worthwhile: they enlarge the historical record, strengthen community-university partnerships, and make students better historians.
On the other hand, they use the historical record to draw interesting lessons for contemporary debates on Social Security by emphasizing the role of political struggle and policy instability in the history of public pensions.
But if history has put them on the same chessboard, it's Donoghue--out author of the best-selling Slammerkin--who pushes them toward and away from each other for our benefit, skillfully teasing out the possibilities between Damer and Farren from only the slightest hints in the historical record.--R.M.
O'Neil proceeds carefully and ably, but her job of resurrecting Baglione's "artistic reputation" is made easy by his sheer success as found in the historical record. It is telling that Baglione participated in several of the most important commissions in Rome around 1600, the Nave Clementina of San Giovanni in Laterano, the Navi Piccole in St.
London was saturated by thousands of people selling gin from tiny shops and simple stalls or carts, which were able to evade licenses through most of the period and left little historical record. A healthy skepticism limits her use of elite descriptions of gin shops and their customers, though she has found fascinating material in the judicial records that might have repaid further study.
The AU brief cites a clear historical record demonstrating that Congress and other public officials intended to promote religion when "under God" was added to the Pledge in 1954.
In the first half of the study, which concentrates on African American literature, Rody reads Toni Morrison's Beloved as the paradigmatic example of how contemporary women authors have created an archetypical and allegorical magic black daughter" (Rody's term) who transcends time to reclaim a matrilineage that has been lost or warped due to the exclusion of black women from the historical record. In resurrecting and reexamining this matrilineage, Morrison exorcises and replaces a haunting and haunted history from which mothers and daughters alike--not to mention exploration of the intensity of the complex bonds between them--have largely been either misrepresented or altogether absent.

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