historical record

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Examining the historical record demonstrates that during the past three decades, actual U.
The articles in this series will carefully analyze historical events from the theoretical perspectives outlined above and examine the historical record for factors that distinguish health care from other social benefits.
These marital failures, after all, comprised only a small group of the far larger universe of Scottish married couples, even unhappily married couples, who lived their lives out of sight of the historical record.
Utilizing Scripture, logic, and the historical record, Pool supports his guiding hypothesis with ample evidence.
A UN committee recently finished excavating the historical record in Guatemala.
which nominates a centre of interest, and seeks, from the historical record in its full breadth and variety the evidence proximate and relevant to that interest" (6).
He charges President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara not only with cynically leading America into the Vietnam War, but with trying to escape responsibility by distorting the historical record with half-truths, misstatements, and outright lies.
With his customary mastery of the historical record and his command of enormous amounts of source material, Chomsky here debunks the notion that the "new world order" of Bush and Clinton is different in any essentials from the old world order.
The historical record doesn't look promising for the hotel's success.
Combining historical record and modern-day adventure, as an uncle and nephew retrace the steps their grandfather blazed during the Klondike Rush of 1897-98, River Time is a breathtaking journey that stunningly portrays beautiful natural scenery, the rough hardships of nature, and reflects upon the reality of fierce human competition then and now.
I think this is unfortunately an all-too-commonplace effort to revise history and to expunge from the historical record all evidence of religious belief,'' Kmiec said.
told the Pulitzer Board that it would respect a decision to take back the award, but suggested--incredibly--that such an overdue correction of the historical record would evoke the "Stalinist practice to airbrush purged figures out of official records and histories.

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