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Mocavo users will be able to upload historical records such as photos, books and documents to their accounts via a web browser, Mocavo's new smartphone apps, by e-mail or through the Dropbox service.
Although collecting oral histories with students is an intensive, high-stakes endeavor, these projects are worthwhile: they enlarge the historical record, strengthen community-university partnerships, and make students better historians.
The bulk of the book surveys the historical record to illustrate the way the tools have been employed in the past 30 years by this nation in order to show what works and what doesn't.
But it will prove fascinating and useful to scholars and specialists, not only for the many new opinions entered into the historical record for the first time, but also for its illustration of how differently "men of affairs" who actually participate in making events happen, and scholars and historians who assess them, may interpret the same sets of facts.
Can a thorough understanding of the historical record shed light on which of the following factors were more important in the ultimate defeat of Truman's NHI proposal: American cultural preference for private sector options, in the form of voluntary health insurance, or interest groups' efforts interests to marshal opposition to Truman's national health program.
Although both Christianity and Islam each have their strong points, without doubt, on balance their historical record would show more liabilities, more warfare, more intolerance, more persecution, than truly positive assets.
In the debate over the actions and omissions of the German Catholic Church in regard to the suffering of the Jews during the Nazi era, some have issued blanket indictments that twist the historical record.
A Dog's History of America strives to be thorough, objective, and balanced, portraying the truth as accurately as historical record tells it, and is a "must-read" for true dog lovers.
Providing a historical record of the development of arts in both countries by surveying works of some 250 artists, the exhibition included pieces by pioneering modernists such as Natalya Goncharova, Wassily Kandinsky, Katarzyna Kobro, and Wladyslaw Strzeminski but also socialist realist paintings by Alexander Gerasimov and Helena Krajewska.
By filling in gaps in the historical record, his findings also add to the understanding of Earth's interior magnet.
It has been said that history is the story of the victors, or the most agreed upon lies, but these things are said by writers and historians with an eye towards rehabilitating the historical record in the interest of those subjected to the terrors of their times.

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