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Historically speaking, as Roberts points out, patience was a matter of "conforming yourself to the need to wait for things"; it was a way of accepting one's lack of control over the world.
His move to Sunderland represents something of a gamble for owner Ellis Short because, historically speaking, changing managers so late in the season, rarely has any major effect on the team.
Historically speaking, various states have played key roles in regards to the Muslim world.
Marking these two important events, we must not forget that, historically speaking, we are at the beginning of developing bilateral relations between our friendly countries.
Historically speaking, some of the flint tools found in the grotto point to inhabitants from the Middle Palaeolithic age, also known as the Mousterian culture.
the world and the most important historically speaking while their topics are the most unique.
Every single vaccination campaign held worldwide has met with social resistance historically speaking.
Historically speaking, Newcastle's recent cup runs do not make for pleasant reading, but no doubt the 22/1 for them to lift the cup will shorten if they manage to get past Crystal Palace.
Historically speaking, one of the most legendary art dealers of all was the Frenchman Paul Durand-Ruel.
In one plan, you assess whether the overall market's price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is high or low, historically speaking, before commencing withdrawals.
We believe that the notably high Manhattan vacancy rate reflects the fact that despite the recent quarter-over-quarter rent declines, rents in the borough have remained relatively high, historically speaking," said Malin in a press release.

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