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Historically speaking, slow and steady can win the race.
The reason behind that is historically speaking the mid swap is higher than UST.
Historically speaking, this is a healthy, natural and needed correction phase that must precede any spectacular major up-trend,AaAaAeA{ it added.
Historically speaking, Turkish ties with Iran have differed substantially from Turkey-Russia ties.
Historically speaking, the federal funds rate has been a good predictor of rates on banking deposit products.
A return to our normal standing of the top-seven is also an improvement, but historically speaking that is simply making par for the Blues in the Premier League.
Historically speaking, the cultural heritage of the Arabs has been shared by Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike; but, with the rise of Zionism, there arose a distinction between the 'Jew' and the 'Arab', making it difficult for Jews of Arab descent to maintain and retain their identities.
Historically speaking, there have been three ways to write bad Israeli novels.
Historically speaking, the Emerald Jazz Kings' annual Christmas at The Shedd show "is our gift to the community," Shedd's artistic director James Ralph said.
Historically speaking, as Roberts points out, patience was a matter of "conforming yourself to the need to wait for things"; it was a way of accepting one's lack of control over the world.
His move to Sunderland represents something of a gamble for owner Ellis Short because, historically speaking, changing managers so late in the season, rarely has any major effect on the team.
Historically speaking, various states have played key roles in regards to the Muslim world.

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