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This shows water's extraordinary ability to historize and regulate social relations.
To consider these Southern-themed paintings that destabilized and, occasionally, dislodged their makers' received notions of the region is to historize a semiotic discourse: in the Depression era, the South was an efficiently functioning visual sign, which many U.S.-based artist, African-American among them, recognized and constructed.
However, the situation has become far more complex as a result of quite different efforts by Martin Broszat, the late director of the Munich Institute for Contemporary History, to historize National Socialism.
(3.) It is interesting to note that in Agency in the Age of Peer Production, the qualitative study that historizes our effort to crowdsource our curriculum from a datagogical lens, we chronicle instructor resistance to a generic rubric.
Arguing that (futuristic) sf often relocates contemporary social and political problems in a near-future world created by the text, Ortiz historizes Mexican sf in a demonstration of how general sociopolitical conditions in Mexico throughout the twentieth century influenced the evolution of Mexican sf from predominantly utopian modes to dystopian and apocalyptic ones in the last decades of the century.
On the contrary, he will include them all in it; "Dasein "is" its past in the way of its own being, which [...] 'historizes' out of its future on each occasion."(Heidegger 20 (41)) Yet, all three (past, present and future) cannot be seen as they have been seen ordinarily, that is, as successive separate stages; rather they must be seen in his new conception of temporality.

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