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All right, she may have out-Gwyneth'd Gwyneth when it came to Hollywood histrionics.
Such histrionics over a red swimsuit are all a tad unneccesary, Marcia I imagine how hideously it would have clashed with your ginger barnet[ETH]
BIG BROTHER form students who saw another Nadia in the early days of Nikki's attention-seeking histrionics must be smiling as the former outsider shortens and is now as low as 3-1 second-favourite with VC to win the Channel 4 series.
After a year of hell since she was diagnosed with cancer, Kylie has been out of the limelight as she courageously fought the disease in private and without any histrionics.
Alongside ``Nancy Grace's'' histrionics and ``Showbiz Tonight's'' fawning genuflection, however, it almost seems the stuff of Edward R.
There were no histrionics, no high-fives and not that many smiles from this shy man.
Surely,bef ore long, the public will weary of the shirt-tugging antics and the histrionics of temperamental stars paid more in a week than the average annual middle-class wage.
Home boss Dave Moyes responded to Blues' histrionics by saying: 'It's an unbelievably petty situation to get into.
Such a revival looks particularly right in New York today, where an environment of breathless expenditure and expansion, not to mention a looming sense of an inevitable "correction," evokes the era's champagne-and-cocaine flavor no less than its menacing rise-and-fall histrionics.
It requires the four characters to keep each other's histrionics in balance, inside the pattern of formal dance figures.
The drama, the histrionics, the tears - and that was just the crowd.
The tub-thumping histrionics of Marinetti and his Italian cohort of Futurists in the years preceding World War I continue to fascinate.