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His baritone, his screen presence and almost always, his inclination towards larger-than-life histrionics get him all the accolades.
There are electro-disco confections aplenty, including "I Don't Feel Like Dancin"--the best floor-filler ever about playing the wallflower, complete with Elton John on piano--but the standout track comes toward the end, with all histrionics set aside for the captivating mid-tempo love song "Might Tell You Tonight.
West Brom boss Robson was angered by Mourinho's pathetic histrionics and sneering sarcasm from the dugout.
But, as Archbishop Thomas Collins pointed out, "same-sex marriage" is not a matter of human rights, and despite Paul "I'll-defend-the-Charter" Martin's histrionics, marriage legitimately remains moored in un-Chartered waters.
However, the parents say he is a distraction to the other pupils and "prone to histrionics.
Latins do not shy away from the histrionics of ballet acting--the life-and-death passions of Swan Lake, the swagger of Don Quixote, or the moonlit poetry of Les Sylphides.
He presents a convincing argument against the death penalty without resorting to emotional histrionics.
The agreement comes three weeks after the Super Bowl half-time show histrionics, which led Gatorade's parent company PepsiCo to threaten to pull its advertising from next year's final.
Triumph of the Will observes a lot of bloody-minded histrionics, but the film itself is not kitsch.
How many times can you reshuffle skate-surf histrionics into movie fodder?