hit back

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James hit back in the 10th minute for Village but Lewis Johnson found a second to put Hares back in the driving seat.
Within minutes, Johnson hit back at Merson, who won the title twice with Arsenal but battled booze and cocaine.
After the break Tonmawr hit back as wing Kiba Richards went over, but after that it was all Quins.
Jack Cooper scored a pile driver to put Rangers 5-3 ahead, but again Aycliffe hit back with a cracking goal from a free kick.
Gerad Adams hit back only for Bison's Greg Owen to restore their two-goal lead.
Storm hit back in the second period and pulled back to within four points after two tries from Gavin Houston.
HORSLEY Heath hit back in the second half to secure a 2-1 win over Friar Park RBL in the Premier Division.
The visitors hit back in the second half and began to take control.
The BBC2 programme hit back after comments Brunstrom made in an interview with Wales on Sunday last week.
The Anglesey men hit back through Dafydd Jones before the break but it was Buckley who prevailed in a pulsating second half with Geoff Hinchcliffe's shot being deflected into the net off Rene Pinard before Dave Powell sealed the points late on.
Gregg then added a try of his own before G Thomas and Brett Mountain hit back for the Ironsides.
Molyneux and Oxford City and County club-mates Audrey Mainwaring, Lesley Storer and Carol Penson hit back from 19-11 down, scoring on seven of the next eight ends to power to a 27-20 victory over Ellie Mundy's team from Fareham, Hampshire in the first round.