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With our capabilities and experience in many segments of the wood, plastics and paper recycling markets, we plan to hit the ground running," Miller says.
While Telecommunications OEMs are looking to their design partners to provide solutions to speed development, our experience has shown that they do not want to learn new complicated techniques--they want to hit the ground running with applications that quickly deliver performance while leveraging their engineering teams' existing expertise," stated David Stepner, Teja Technologies' president and CEO.
In today's Army where each and every employee and Soldier is a player contributor, it is important that when 598th personnel deploy, they hit the ground running because they know how to conduct port operations regardless of the location," said Gonzalez.
Industry scholarships and internships, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratory have produced graduates of the two-year Associate Degree program that have hit the ground running in the pulp, paper and chemical industries.
He installs solar panels and infrastructure for homes, lodges, parks and cottages, and his business hit the ground running when he invented Sun-Link solar tracker.
Since Survivor actually wrapped last April, Hatch has had months to gear up, telling The Advocate, "I set myself up to at least hit the ground running.