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The punter revealed: "It's already been over two weeks since we hit the jackpot and the reality of it all has really only started to sink in.
The PCSO said except for 11 bettors who will receive P111,760 for second prize, no one hit the jackpot, carried by the combination 09-55-07-33-19-28.
Last Friday, a businessman who hit the jackpot in the 6/49 Super Lotto draw on April Fools' Day claimed his prize at the PCSO headquarters in Pasay City.
The Cardonald punter hit the jackpot with a scratchcard in Fred's Festive Giveaway.
Theirs is the seventh lucky ticket to have hit the jackpot in the UK this year.
The great-grandad from Southport was celebrating after one of his first-ever lottery ticket hit the jackpot.
WELSH rugby fans were hoping to hit the jackpot in more ways than one as they jetted off to Paris yesterday ahead of Wales' Six Nations clash against France.
So if they happen to hit the jackpot in the sixth week, they take all six prizes in the pool.
PAT BUCKLEY, on the mark with a double in the Laurels heats at Curraheen Park, also hit the jackpot at Galway where he trained the Adrian Kelly-owned Cooldown Jasper to win the EUR5,400 Tyrur Lee A4 Stake final on Saturday.
The ticket-holder hit the jackpot in Friday night's draw with the numbers 23, 40, 42, 43 and 49 and lucky star numbers 2 and 6.
Josephine Crawford, who was down to her last five dollars in credits, was about to give up when she hit the jackpot on Tuesday.