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Next month, Ozzy Osborne, founder of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath and star of the MTV hit show "The Osbornes," will hit the road with Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, touring 12 Asian countries, many of them afflicted by faltering currencies.
Andrew Webb ("When Rubbers Hit the Road," November 2001) makes some interesting observations about the context in which gay men are "slipping," and practicing higher-risk sexual behavior.
s and back seat battles, so that they can hit the road without hitting the roof.
Tankers are not internally temperature controlled when they're on the road, and they cannot always hit the road immediately after filling.
Drew will hit the road this fall for a series of headlining dates, culling tunes for his set from his upcoming album, as well as from the three EP's he released on his own Loveway Records, including his latest, The Summer EP, which broke into the iTunes Top 10 Album chart in June.
TELLY host Ben Fogle is fronting a scheme to urge budding adventurers to hit the road and learn about the environment.
The Mustangs will hit the road again after the Hawaii-Hilo game but will stay in Southern California before heading to Montana to compete in the Hampton Inn Classic tournament Dec.
We hit the road at about 9 or 10:00pm for our next destination city, Madison, WI.
When the fifth wheel on the Patriot missile system's tractor and the M860 trailer kingpin get in bad shape, you can't hook them up to hit the road.
Loads of runners roll out of bed every morning and hit the road.
Jill Sobule: Most famous for her 1995 novelty hit "I Kissed a Girl," the Canadian singer-songwriter just completed a tour with label mate Duncan Sheik, and she may hit the road again in July to promote her new album, Happy Town.
Hit the Road Campaign Kick-Starts the Season with Ideas on Where to Go, What to Do and Tips on How to Tell Your Story; Customers Share "Favorite How To's" on Trip Photography