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Sources said the speeding vehicle hit the road barrier and overturned several times.
The car was heading north when the driver is believed to have lost control and hit the road barrier and then the road railing on the left side.
And he's also getting ready to hit the road with a double launch planned for Friday, September 22 in the Chestnut Lodge, Moira, Co Armagh and on Saturday 23 in the Sheepbridge Inn, Newry.
Here are some things to think about before you hit the road.
The group attended workshops and learned how to run its diesel bus on vegetable oil; the "Bio Bus" hit the road in the summer of 2003 and has since logged more than 50,000 miles.
They will file their report and hit the road again in mid-September to visit Poti, Georgia and Mombassa, Kenya.
It first hit the road this spring and has visited 10 Philadelphia schools to date.
In Beijing alone, nearly 1,000 new vehicles hit the road each day, and several Chinese metropolises (including Beijing) are among the world's most polluted cities.
The imagining of Nationale Zero got under way five years ago, but it was only in March 2003, with the impending entry into the EU of ten new countries, that a magazine commission allowed Tendance Floue to hit the road.
Only 20,000 Escape Hybrids will hit the road this year.
Everything she knows is true, and if you don't like her truth, you can hit the road.
Already, five fuel-cell-powered cars hit the road in Tokyo's Kasumigaseki district in December, the first official use of the ceo-friendly cars on public roads.