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But the overpowering sweetness and the syrupy mouthfeel didn't hit the spot for our tasters.
Some cars seem to make an instant impression and this was certainly one that hit the spot with me - and none of the versatility or practicality one associates with an SUV has been sacrificed either.
YET another Terry-ific entry for last week's Crazy Caption competition - and unlike a certain England international in Moscow they hit the spot.
A thick and flavorful vegetable soup hit the spot one time.
From trampolining to sharp- shooting, a charity fun day at Ormesby Hall really hit the spot.
LAST week's assertion that Stilian Petrov needed to get his finger out and stop trying to sulk his way to a move hit the spot with a few e-mailers.
Enjoying life to the full must include little pleasures such as great tasting treats: Cadbury Highlights biscuits hit the spot.