hit upon

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Had Martin not talked as he had to his wife he would have been able, undoubtedly, to disregard her and to continue the line of chatter which he had hit upon so happily and which he had never suspected was in him.
Perhaps, in some remote unborn century, a more fortunate explorer may hit upon the "Open Sesame," and flood the world with gems.
Pursuing the light so fortunately hit upon, and finding the concurrent testimony of the whole of Mrs General's acquaintance to be of the pathetic nature already recorded, Mr Dorrit took the trouble of going down to the county of the county-widower to see Mrs General, in whom he found a lady of a quality superior to his highest expectations.
Tarzan required assistance in the scheme he had hit upon and his assistant must be equally as brave and almost as active as he.
At last they con- spired together and hit upon a plan that promised a dazzling victory.
He can sit down and write a fine flourishing letter, full of professions and falsehoods, and persuade himself that he has hit upon the very best method in the world of preserving peace at home and preventing his father's having any right to complain.
I was determined, however, to explore the low structure which was the only evidence of habitation in sight, and so I hit upon the unique plan of reverting to first principles in locomotion, creeping.
As part of the course they had to organise leisure activities and hit upon the idea of an inter-departmental five-a-side competition.
likely to get a crick in that said, we think we have now hit upon a foolproof way to sleep upright, and it's called the TRTL, above.
They are collected and recycled at a cost to the scheme, but WEEE Ireland hit upon the idea of donating to the charity based on the recycling effort.
ROBBIE Williams has hit upon a great way to avoid a middle-age spread - starving himself.
The professor hit upon the concept of a "God particle" during a walk in the Cairngorms in 1964 when he started to consider the existence of a particle that gives matter its mass, sparking a 40-year hunt for the Higgs boson.