hit upon

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But the bother of it is that there's still so much to do, and to hit upon, and so precious little time for thought as well as action.
He was afraid that Baynes would interfere with his own plans, and he had hit upon a scheme to both utilize the young Englishman and get rid of him at the same time.
New York remained forever puzzled over the affair; nor could it hit upon a rational explanation.
Our young friend has hit upon an excellent illustration.
Even the most fanciful flights of the fiction-writers had not quite hit upon him.
Formerly these had been sold as "Number Three Grade," but later on some ingenious person had hit upon a new device, and now they would extract the bone, about which the bad part generally lay, and insert in the hole a white-hot iron.
I went to hide little Hareton, and to take the shot out of the master's fowling-piece, which he was fond of playing with in his insane excitement, to the hazard of the lives of any who provoked, or even attracted his notice too much; and I had hit upon the plan of removing it, that he might do less mischief if he did go the length of firing the gun.
After some thought, Ali Cogia hit upon a plan which seemed a safe one.
And in this connection it is curious to remark that even on this earth Nature has never hit upon the wheel, or has preferred other expedients to its development.
One after another he acquainted them with the discovery which he had hit upon.
This was rather an agreeable reflection than otherwise, for it diminished our dread of accidentally meeting with any of them, and I came to the conclusion that perhaps we could not have selected a more secure hiding-place than this very spot we had so accidentally hit upon.
Finally I hit upon what I considered a far better expedient than either of these.