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Phil said that the sponsored hitch-hike had so far raised pounds 6,500 for the hospice, but money was still rolling in.
Soon, I saw the truck that had gone ahead overturn," said Rajya, a woman who had taken a hitch-hike ride in the ill-fated truck.
THEATRE: Fredonia tells the story of two guys who hitch-hike across America to Fredonia & the Marx Bros convention.
The challenge was to hitch-hike across Europe all the way to Morocco to raise funds for charity.
Earlier that summer he and seven friends had set out to hitch-hike their way to Montreal to see Expo '67--the world fair that was celebrating Canada's centenary--and had then gone on to Quebec City.
WORRIED children were forced to hitch-hike home in the small hours after Ireland's biggest rock concert of the year.
From getting up at 5am to milk the cows and hitch-hike 20 miles to school every day, she now lives life on the road, supporting Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and her new pal Neil Young - all after a fling with ex-Mr Madonna, Sean Penn.
A PATIENT in a wheelchair was so desperate to escape from University Hospital he tried to hitch-hike along the motorway to Lincoln.
TWO former firefighters turned back the clock as they set off to blaze a trail across the country in a marathon charity hitch-hike.
With that job done, and long overdue for my release, I decided that I would make my own way home by means of an aerial hitch-hike.