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However, production company Platinum Dunes have made it their mission to remake the classics of the low budget genre, and after completing Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Amityville Horror, moved onto The Hitcher.
The Hitcher, as we shall see, is a remarkable instance of this.
To help him stay awake he picks up the hitcher John Ryder.
The Hitcher's hitcher (Rutger Hauer) is just such a phantasm in the rear-view mirror of a driveaway Seville piloted by teen-throb C.
The mobile phone becomes a "bus" that can pick up hitchers and bring them on a user's travels, and then drop them off at real-world places when and where a user chooses.
Rutger Hauer, whose ethereal looks graced such classics as Blade Runner and The Hitcher, plays a destitute who rides a freight train into Hope Town, a hellhole lorded over by the sadistic Drake and his two evil sons.
de saw their zoo keeper od characters Howard Moon and Vince Noir get into various surreal scrapes - such as having to scour the Arctic tundra to recruit more animals for the zoo and a hair-raising encounter with dangerous Cockney The Hitcher.
Expect to see disciples of Boosh dancing like Mod Wolves, necking Baileys like Old Gregg ('easy there little fuzzy man peach') and rapping like Cockney The Hitcher as prizes are handed out to The Best Boosh Dressed.
Imagine Wold Creek or The Hitcher set in a Little Chef.
Hauer, whose films include Blade Runner and The Hitcher, stars alongside British actor Iain Glen and German actress Suzanne Von Borsody.
It's been almost 20 years since Robert Harmon directed road movie horror The Hitcher, since which time he's been jobbing around with TV series and such undistinguished video fodder as They.
If The Hitcher is a B movie with pretentions, F/X is a B movie that is comfortable and almost complacent in its category.