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Another time I got a lift from a prison ocer in Devon who promptly told me what an idiot I was for hitching alone (the one and only time) and the salesman who drove me and a friend all the way from London to Newcastle because he said he preferred driving in company.
The annual gross sales of hitching products are around $10 million.
At the signal - I liked David's idea of a countdown, with the crowd joining in - though it must be led by a celebrity such as Coleen or Nancy Dell'Olio, or possibly by Ant and Dec or Jenny Pitman or Kate Middleton - the riders would run across, unfasten the hitching reins, leap onto their steeds, and charge off towards the Melling Road.
COMMUNITY police officers face hitching lifts to remote areas as there are not enough patrol cars to take them.
Then they'd step outside and have their pictures taken standing at the hitching post where Will tied up his horse when he was in town.
Deutsche Post World Net has won the DuPont Safety Resources' European Award 2003 for its accident prevention programme on the safe hitching of trailers to trucks.
Correctional officers who allegedly handcuffed a shirtless inmate to a hitching post in the hot Alabama sun, without regular water or bathroom breaks, may be liable to the inmate for damages under the Federal Civil Rights Act (FCRA).
The Supreme Court held that an inmate was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment when prison guards handcuffed him to a hitching post to punish him for disruptive behavior.
Then signals yesterday suggested it was heading south-west towards Madeira, possibly after hitching a lift on a ship.
The inmate had been handcuffed to a hitching post on two occasions, one of which lasted for seven hours without regular water or bathroom breaks.
From an Associated Press article datelined Montgomery, Alabama, on the governor's defense of the state's use of hitching posts as prisoner restraints: "Governor Don Siegelman wants to resume handcuffing malingering inmates to outdoor metal posts because the restraints encourage prisoners to work as hard as the taxpayers who provide their upkeep, state prison commissioner Mike Haley testified.