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He hit his driver about 275 yards WAY left of the fairway in the midst of a bunch of pine trees.
This will allow him to hit those hard ground-ball line drives that coaches love.
HITS comprises a unit of the Criminal Division of the Washington State Attorney General's Office.
Weaver gave up his three runs on eight hits in six innings, getting burned in the sixth on back-to-back triples from Hank Blalock and Mark DeRosa.
Middle hits may be cut short 30-degrees right and left with 50 to 75% velocity (4).
The HITS system developed out of a research project funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).
Hits includes the platinum album's gold #5 R&B/Top 20 Pop "Tell Me," platinum #1 R&B/#4 Pop "In My Bed" and gold #1 R&B/#7 Pop "Never Make A Promise" as well as #7 R&B "5 Steps.
ANAHEIM - As the legend goes, Vladimir Guerrero once swung at a pitch that bounced a foot in front of home plate and not only hit the ball, but drilled it off the outfield wall for a double.
A number of outstanding major league hitters (including Joe DiMaggio) have hit .
Sophomore pitcher Anjelica Selden scattered four hits in seven innings, striking out six and walking just one.
Outfielders line up in center field and left field and the outfield coach hits line drives in the gaps, which the fielders attempt to cut off.
Over the last four years, the hits to the USBL Web site have averaged an annual increase of 78% each year to over one Million hits per month this season.