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Speaking to Gulf News after his knock, Anwar said: "Every time I go out to bat, it is normal for me to hit a delivery which is hittable for a six.
But that pitch was pretty much hittable. It was on the plate and (I) put a good swing on it.''
Against the Sun Devils, Ashen started in relief and did what she does best, Moore said - calmly and accurately set hittable balls.
(18) Gadahn encourages would-be terrorists to select realistically hittable targets that are familiar to them and have some broadly symbolic--especially economic-resonance.
With the pitching being quite hittable and the fielding uncertain (fly balls are often overrun or dropped), a fair amount of runs are scored.
On the season Wood has battled injury and ineffectiveness only appearing in 23 games for Cleveland.0x20 His struggles with control coupled with a decline in his strikeout rate made him hittable. His 6.30 ERA is the highest of his career.
He s hittable and people that Manny can hit he knocks out."
After Justin Wells burst on the scene during the middle of the conference schedule, he has slipped back to becoming very hittable. The big reason for the ineffectiveness is his inability to locate pitches and working behind in the count and putting runners on base via the walk.