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The hitter would be looking for a pitch to drive into the gaps or over the fence, and would probably take the pitcher deep into the count looking for that one pitch, that one mistake, that each hitter gets in an average at bat.
Kelly Dahlgren moves over from Harrisburg to take over the Lancers, and he has second-team all-league outside hitter Carissa Lee on the floor.
Martin first introduced the concept of the Heavy Hitter in the book, Heavy Hitter Selling: How Successful Salespeople Use Language and Intuition to Persuade Customers to Buy.
A prevailing jetstream blowing in from the east - it normally blows out from the west - altered pitch movement in a way that baffled hitters.
We want the hitter to feel that he is hitting three baseballs while keeping his bat on the plane of the ball as long as possible.
JetHawks reliever Reuben Kerbs has limited left-handed hitters to a .
Written by sales trainer Steve Martin, Heavy Hitter Selling is the result of his participation in thousands of sales calls with hundreds of salespeople over a twenty-year career.
His numbers against left-handed hitters are a lot better than against right-handed hitters, and he'll get a lot of opportunities to pitch against left-handed hitters,'' Angels general manager Bill Stoneman said.
You can fool a hitter once with an off-speed pitch, but if you come back to it, you'll get hurt.
Crescent Real Estate Equities Company (NYSE: CEI) today announced eight of its Dallas and Denver leasing managers have been named to the Dallas Business Journal's 2003 Heavy Hitters list of Top Office Project Leasing and Denver Business Journal's 2003 Heavy Hitters list of Top Landlord Representatives.
Plummer said Drew will be in the lineup every day - either at shortstop or designated hitter - no matter who's pitching.