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When it gets right down to it, seeing the ball is the most important part of hitting and anything you can do to improve your ability to track the baseball is invaluable.
Patented low profile club face lowers the center of gravity and provides a more effective hitting area for easy to hit shots.
Getting the lead arm extended through the hitting area.
VOLLEYBALL TEAMS THAT lack height may not be able to play the power offense used by the taller teams, but they can be taught a hitting strategy that will enable them to compete against their taller opponents.
Three of the most important aspects of the hitting process involve a controlled stride, a slight pause to separate the stride from the swing, and then a hard swing at the pitch.
A gray pickup truck slammed into his legs, then another car, before hitting a soundwall, spinning out and then continuing on, sputtering smoke.
Our rationale is simple: We may not have the pitching or clutch hitting to win big over the course of a season, but if we can field the baseball and react efficiently to every defensive situation, our speed and defense will keep us competitive and often pay big dividends.
McPherson fell behind in the count 0-2 before hitting a 97 mph fastball over the fence in center to tie the score.
The mental preparation includes a knowledge of the task at hand - bunt, hit and run, hitting the ball to the right side, or working the pitcher for a walk.
A computer analysis of 9,000 rounds of college golf during the 1992-93 and 1993-94 Division I seasons revealed that the irons and the short game are far more important than hitting fairways (driving accuracy).