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We want the hitter to feel that he is hitting three baseballs while keeping his bat on the plane of the ball as long as possible.
The Angels' Juan Rivera, right, is congratulated by Vladimir Guerrero and Garret Anderson after hitting a three-run home run in the eighth inning to tie the score.
Tony LaRussa, McGwire's manager with the Cardinals, disputed the old-school hitting coaches who claimed that my father's methods did nothing but promote soft singles to the opposite field.
they can utilize, but the previous discussed hits (tips) can be run from the conservative middle hitting area.
The stride is usually the first movement made in the hitting process and it must be done correctly, as mistakes are very difficult to correct in the continuing pattern of the swing.
3rd Baseman, SS, Left Fielder, same play as above but with the coach hitting the ball to short left field and down the left-field line.
Texas A&M coach Bob Ellis felt that hitting greens provided a better index to the posting of low scores.
2 hitter Erstad doubled twice and singled and has a 14-game hitting streak.
A study of the videotapes, workshops, and literature will generally provide a pretty clear-cut picture of the three predominant hitting styles: Weight-Shift, Rotational, and Combination.
The Angels' Chone Figgins heads to first after hitting a two-run single in the fourth inning Saturday in a 14-1 rout of the Royals at Angel Stadium.
We've had a hard time hitting left-handers and that showed up (Thursday),'' Plummer said.