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BSNL has already hired consultants to help it hive off its tower business.
Coca-Cola and P&G have pulled the plug on their multibillion partnership to hive off brands including Sunny Delight, Pringles and Minute Maid into a standalone enterprise.
Meanwhile, HSBC fuelled speculation that it could hive off its retail banking arm.
Kenyatta will also form a new ministry to hive off some of the functions currently performed by the Interior and Coordination ministry.
Meanwhile rival FirstGroup have rejected pressure from a big investor to hive off their US bus division.
UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) has rejected shareholder Knight Vinke's demand to hive off the investment banking unit of the Swiss lender.
On July 4, councillors Reid, Tebbutt and Bradbury agreed to an effective moratorium on their dangerous plans to hive off all council services to a potential private sector partner.
This would include plans to hive off the Immigration and Nationality Director ate.
She has a broad suspicion that there are some plans to privatise or hive off the Riverside Festival.
Countrywide said advanced discussions were taking place with a small number of parties as it explored options to hive off the division, which has been mostly closed to new business since August 2002.
Last week the company announced plans to hive off underperforming US brands Jif peanut butter and Crisco cooking oil as part of its wide ranging restructuring and rationalisation programme.
Whitbread is being forced to hive off the brewing arm after striking a deal to buy 3,500 pubs from Allied Domecq.