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Siemens AG plans to hive off its semiconductor operations into a new company, Infineon Technology AG, from April 1 and plans to list the company's shares in both Germany and the US.
1% stake in Jet Airways frequent flyer programme for $ 150 million (over Rs 900 crore) completing the hive off of the airline's loyalty business.
The reforms, affecting about 30 of the biggest banks, would stop them trading on their own account and force them to hive off some of their riskiest activities.
Meanwhile rival FirstGroup have rejected pressure from a big investor to hive off their US bus division.
Plan to hive off the tower business is in line with recommendation of the Sam Pitroda Committee for revamping BSNL.
On July 4, councillors Reid, Tebbutt and Bradbury agreed to an effective moratorium on their dangerous plans to hive off all council services to a potential private sector partner.
There are plans to hive off scores of hospitals to foreign companies offering expertise that is neither wanted nor required.
ROYAL Bank of Scotland may hive off more than 300 of its branches in a bid to satisfy European authorities, it is claimed.
RETAIL giant WH Smith was last night said to be looking to hive off its news distribution arm - possibly through a stock market flotation.
If it is felt necessary to beef up the Warwickshire force then why not hive off the Coventry section of West Midlands Police and add this to the existing Warwickshire force?
Disappointment that retail giant GUS will not immediately hive off its Experian credit checking arm cast a shadow over the London market today.