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Kingfisher recently hived off its general merchandise division which included Superdrug and Woolworths.
Logos Smart Card hived off from Logos Design A/S founded in 1986 which develops and produces software and hardware for electronic payment systems.
Now the two companies have announced an alliance to market integrated voice recognition systems (IVRS) developed by the information technology division of Tata, which has been hived off into separate company, Speech & Software Technologies (India).
Lloyds instead hived off the branches under the revived TSB brand - expected to be floated later this year.
Air India (AI) had hived off the unit as a separate subsidiary with about 7,000 employees.
The Banking Commission are likely to recommend that the bank's poisonous investments are hived off and held in a public cesspit while the retail arm is privatised.
Effectively, funds will not be used to benefit the immediate Rumney/Llanrumney communities but some will be hived off to subsidise other areas.
The project will be hived off into a joint venture between Ansal Landmard and an investment arm of ICICI Prudential, the report said.
His comments put him at odds with the governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, who in a speech in Scotland on Tuesday night called for the banks' retail functions to be hived off from their more speculative ventures.
Lloyds said three-quarters of the impairment charge related to assets destined to be hived off into a Government-backed insurance scheme.
Around three-quarters of the impairment charge related to assets which will be hived off into a taxpayer-backed insurance scheme, taking the public stake to more than 60%.