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The NCE research was hived off to form SPARC ( Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company) in March 2007.
This is the second time there has been private equity participation in a TVS Group firm after TVS Logistics Services was hived off in 2008.
Cerberus Capital Management has named former Home Depot CEO BOB NARDELLI as CEO and chairman of the newly hived off Chrysler.
Tenants voted by a two-to-one margin to retain Birmingham City Council as their housing landlord, yet the Labour Government insists that ballots be re-run until estates are hived off to private schemes.
Stephanie Warboys, partner in the group, said: "Over the past decade, governments have hived off huge amounts of public sector activities, such as drug rehabilitation, counselling and medical research, and left the charity sector to fill the need.
Father Doran had claimed that over two hundred acres of land belonging to Kitale prison had been hived off illegally and allocated to powerful people in the government.
Italian energy group Edison, which is jointly owned by Fiat and Electricite de France, said it has hived off a large part of its water business, held through a joint venture company called International Water Holding.
But MPs are worried that operations will be hived off to Manchester, and Merseyside children will have to go there for treatment.
Now a part of EADS, DaimlerChrysler is understood to have hived off its ground-based electronic warfare (EW) line into the new Ewation GmbH EADS subsidiary.
Now the two companies have announced an alliance to market integrated voice recognition systems (IVRS) developed by the information technology division of Tata, which has been hived off into separate company, Speech & Software Technologies (India).
Under the programme, due to be examined by the Government in mid-April, four regional power distribution companies could be hived off from Lithuanian Energy, the state-owned supervisory group, which would nonetheless hang on to the biggest distribution network.