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Oh, the Hive subsists on the Hival Honey which the Hive produces," said a blind Oddity squatting in a store-cell.
Even the Oddities would now join the crowd that hung out on the alighting-board, and would sing of work among the merry, merry blossoms till an untrained ear might have received it for the hum of a working hive.
The Oddities crawled in and a Voice behind a Veil said: "I've neglected the old Hive too long.
The Hive shook beneath the shattering thunder of a stuck-down quilt being torn back.
Light broke in the top of the hive as the Queen had, prophesied--naked light on the boiling, bewildered bees.
The Hive was half hidden by smoke, and Figures moved through the smoke.
As frame after frame followed it, the swarm beheld the upheaval, exposure, and destruction of all that had been well or ill done in every cranny of their Hive for generations past.
The Figures stooped, lifted the Hive and shook it upside down over the pyre.
The shell of the Hive was returned to its place, a light was set in its sticky emptiness, tier by tier the Figures built it up, closed the entrance, and went away.
She had had but one motive in opening the hive, and that had been to annoy him.
I opened that hive because I wanted you to drop the frame, as my brother did, and get stung, as he was; because I thought that would drive you away, because I thought then that I didn't want you down here.
If you live in an area that gets hurricanes or tornadoes, you'll want to have a plan for securing the hives to keep them from being knocked over during these storms.