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Stephen met me and my brother before the races, and went far beyond the call of duty in hiving off a small section in the main grandstand so my grandmother could sit inside on what was a very cold day.
For big name firms like Clayton Dubilier & Rice, for example, the chief task in hiving off Hertz from Ford was to convince the parent that it would, to paraphrase a Bobby Vee oldie, "take good care of my baby.
In a move that mirrors the previous hiving off of its popular Burberry fashion line, the demerger will allow existing stakeholders to continue to benefit from their investments in both businesses.
Staff costs can be dramatically reduced and profit margins increased by hiving off administration, leaving agencies to pursue sales more aggressively.
Other global accountancy firms have taken, or are taking, steps to follow the example of Arthur Andersen in hiving off their consultancies.