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ARCHAEOLOGISTS have made major breakthroughs in their understanding of the famous Staffordshire Hoard after it was brought together in its entirety for the first time since its discovery.
Curator Frances McIntosh said: "The importance of the hoard is that before this was found people knew there was the segmented armour, but we didn't know how it was put together or how it was made.
Warwickshire County Council had to raise a total of PS62,000 to bring the hoard home.
The tour will see the hoard go on display first at the National Museum in 2020 before it comes to Kirkcudbright in December 2020 until September 2021, then moving to Aberdeen and Dundee.
Floro Calixihan, Bureau of Customs regional collector, said people might have suspected that piles of rice sacks at the port last week were hoarded goods.
* What are the training and support needs for occupational therapists working with individuals who hoard?
Most of the hoard is silver jewellery but it also contains textiles and an "outstanding range of exceptional precious metal and jewelled items".
(32) While these organizations can at great cost be effective at dealing with the symptom of the problem, i.e., the hoarded animals, they are not well suited to deal with the other risks and problems that occur.
A second smaller hoard 135 metres from the larger one was discovered by David Hughes.
Their edible artistic endeavours will be judged by the Staffordshire Hoard conservation team, currently winning acclaim for its work in preserving and researching the 4,000 items of gold, silver, jewellery and weaponry found in a field at Hammerwich, near Lichfield, in 2009.
THIS hoard of Roman coins lay undiscovered in a Welsh field for 1,800 years.