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We have put forward a firm proposal to the council to ensure that the Hoard is displayed in Galloway, both through a temporary display of the entire hoard and a longer term loan of a representative portion.
2011) suggested that occupational therapists can be particularly effective in supporting clients who hoard to re-develop their functional skills.
But the Galloway hoard is "unique" in bringing together objects "hinting at previously unknown connections" between people across Europe in the 10th century.
Principal curator of prehistory at the museum, Adam Gwilt, said: "These hoards contain a real variety of tools and weapons used towards the end of the Bronze Age in this region.
For example, a client who primarily hoards magazines and newspapers might be able to identify a specific brochure or flyer that is not as valuable as other possessions.
Or visit the Hoard gallery at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery to learn more about the treasures, Pieces are also on display in Lichfield Cathedral, The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent and at Tamworth Castle.
A coin expert - or numismatist - from the National Museum Wales said the hoard was one of the finest of the period from Wales, with rarities such as coins featuring Saloninus Augustus, Laelian and Marius.
In other words, capitalism actually relies intimately upon the fact that certain elements in its global infrastructure hoard dead capital.
At the unveiling of the latest hoard was Allan Short, from Seahouses, who was an apprentice bricklayer who witnessed the original find when helping to build the house in 1962 on which Richard Mason would work decades later.
Hoard conservation coordinator Pieta Greaves said: "Within the Treasury we have some of the key items, those iconic items that most people will probably know, the cross, the horse and the mystery objects.
Task forces also may assist people who hoard to manage a range of services (e.
The hoard also includes large trumpet brooches, gold necklaces, gold and silver rings, a gem and a silver mirror.