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If you are a hoarder, you probably began the behaviour during adolescence.
I think we all know someone who's a hoarder - it's just that we may not be aware of it," Paxton told The SpareFoot Blog.
First, it is rare that we identify a person is a hoarder when reviewing a new policy application.
He added: "As a service, we have found that compulsive hoarders are often less able to carry out repairs in their property and clutter may prevent contractors from being able to access the property freely, thus preventing important safety checks and repairs taking place, subsequently placing the tenant or homeowner at greater risk.
Mason, a former nurse, said as communities galvanised and social bonds strengthened, neighbours became aware of hoarders in their locality.
Before we appear on some TV show about extreme hoarders, I thought it was time for a clear-out.
on The LifeStyle Channel, the worst hoarders encountered in the show were featured.
Richard Wallace, hopeless hoarder, is endangering his life with his obsession when he meets gardener Andy Honey, who slowly gains his trust and helps him to clear out over 30 tons of rubbish.
Like the hoarder who doesn't understand that his stuff is controlling him rather than him controlling it, NSA can't come to grips with the fact that the emerging anarchic world order - decentralised, voluntary networks of equally empowered peers - will determine the future of centralised, hierarchical governments, not vice versa.
The Hoarder Next Door (Monday, 9pm) is only interested in highlighting extreme household clutter.
And so we were introduced to the latest star of Channel Four's The Hoarder Next Door, but she was far from the worst offender on the programme.
One minute they're pointing at people who can't bear to throw anything away (see The Hoarder Next Door, left), the next praising people who save or recycle.