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The hoaxer, who calls himself IanBellMBE and has over 2,300 followers, last tweeted via text message yesterday afternoon.
For Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca, the mere act of labeling a threat as a routine hoax can reduce the strength of the hoaxer's claim:
Hoaxer: "By the lifeguard centre and he's hanging off the cliff."
A tiny part of the seal of the envelope in which the hoaxer posted the third letter in 1979 turned up at the Forensic Science Service laboratory in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, where some of the original testing had taken place.
Cruel hoaxers phoned a sick pensioner to tell him he was on death's door.
The false statement has been removed from the site and the hoaxer is unknown.
RANGERS star Fran Sandaza has been conned by an internet hoaxer into revealing his salary and future plans.
A WELSH barmaid was shocked to find out an internet hoaxer had been using her Facebook photos to enter modelling competitions.
"The police suspect that alcohol was the cause of the accident," the Daily Star quoted the hoaxer as saying.
INFAMOUS hoaxer Wearside Jack is set to be released from prison within weeks.
A DRUNKEN hoaxer put lives at risk when he bombarded firefighters with fake calls.
The hoaxer, who made a second call pretending he was going to set himself alight, was fined pounds 80 after two police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine were sent to his home.