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Also in extreme cases, when false reports of bomb threats lead to the death of a person or other grave consequences, then the hoaxers will face from eight to 10 years of imprisonment.
In this case, hoaxers attempt to establish false claims that are plausible and daunting.
A total of 77 mobile phone hoaxers have had their phones cut off in the past 12 months across Teesside.
The hoaxer, who claimed to be a doctor from Swansea's Morriston Hospital, told him there had been a mistake with his case history and that his condition was in fact fatal.
Hoaxers face up to six months in jail or a hefty fine.
Hoaxers put lives at risk by summoning help knowing that Green Goddesses in North Wales are thinly spread.
Officers from the Metropolitan Police Serious Crime Group are investigating nearly 90 suspicious letters which they believe are the work of two separate hoaxers.
But at Thursday's War Cabinet, Blair said the hoaxers were causing such disruption to everyday life in Britain that he wanted to "hit them hard and hit them now".
The hoaxers have had hundreds of hits and thought they could con Mr Vickers as well.
"The police suspect that alcohol was the cause of the accident," the Daily Star quoted the hoaxer as saying.
Mr Steadman's plea comes after we reported in October how hoaxers were being warned to expect prison sentences if they continue to harass the coastguard and RNLI.
Fire services have introduced a number of methods in an effort to cut false alarms, including call-challenging policies and a system to disconnect the mobile phones of serial hoaxers.