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For Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP), the ceding of Holly Hobble represents a return to focusing its efforts solely on its own properties.
After that, the Broken Hobble requested Coast Guard assistance.
Analysts have warned that the cost of screening every piece of air cargo that enters the system could bankrupt i nternat iona l shipping companies , hobble t he already-weakened airlines and still wouldn't provide comprehensive protection.
If so, destroying known samples would be a pointless exercise and, worse, would prohibit research and hobble future production of vaccines to guard against terrorist threats.
The Bells propose to hobble them some more, funding campaigns to force cable companies to open their lines to all Internet service providers.
This guy with a dodgy, bloodstained knee managed to hobble out of the hospital.
Turning convention on its head, Westwood's underwear as outerwear, bodice-ripper corsets, the hobble of heels fetishized to disabling heights have made her the Situationist of seams.
Mowbray caught Scotland's World Cup qualifier on television and didn't enjoy watching his midfielder hobble about for 20 minutes before being subbed.