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Cue Ellen hobbling on stage complete with fluorescent pink cast.
Both of the serious problems hobbling the Hubble Space Telescope -- "microwobbles" and a defective mirror--can be overcome, NASA officials announced last week.
Until 2002, Angola had been suffering through a 25-year civil war, during which as many as 10 million anti-personnel and anti-vehicle landmines were laid in that country, effectively hobbling economic development, commerce and the delivery of humanitarian relief.
Saunders admits he made the worst possible first impression on McIntyre after hobbling over on crutches to shake the new manager's hand.
O'Sullivan said: "I was hobbling around and it was swelling up and very painful.
Michelle Boyd, legislative director at Public Citizen, agreed, saying Yucca officials ``are hobbling along, and they're going to be hobbling even more when they have less money.
TV'S Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, was hobbling today after being injured in a football kickabout as he took delivery of David Beckham's boots.
Hobbling Horse: Barnaby, a 12-year-old horse who had nine inches of one of his legs amputated, now walks around with the help of a prosthetic leg.